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Egyptian Isis Goddess Onyx Ring

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The Egyptian Isis Goddess Onyx Ring is a captivating tribute to the enchanting powers and regality of Isis, one of the most revered deities of ancient Egypt. This exquisite piece features a lustrous black onyx stone, embodying the timeless mystery and intrinsic strength of the goddess who is often associated with magic, motherhood, and fertility.

Flanking the central onyx gem are intricately carved wings that spread gracefully along the sides of the ring, a representation of Isis' role as a winged protector. Below the wings, the symbol of the Djed pillar, indicative of stability and enduring faith, anchors the design, providing balance and depth to the composition.

The ring's band, crafted in oxidized sterling silver, further enhances the somber elegance of the onyx, while the detailed wings and Djed pillar stand out in stark, radiant contrast. This design choice not only draws the eye but also symbolizes the duality of the eternal and the ephemeral, of divine power and earthly passage.

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• Material: 925K Sterling Silver

• Weight: 13-15 grams

Egyptian Isis Goddess Onyx Ring
Egyptian Isis Goddess Onyx Ring
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