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Tree Of Life Carnelian Ring

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Immerse yourself in the rich lore and beauty of our Tree Of Life Carnelian Ring, meticulously handcrafted from premium 925 sterling silver. This unparalleled piece, with its intricate tree of life motif, features a radiant Carnelian stone at its core.

A symbol of vitality, courage, and confidence, the Carnelian has long been cherished for its connection to life's cyclical nature and the promise of rebirth. Its vivid hue is reminiscent of the setting sun, bringing with it the energy of warmth and rejuvenation.

The masterfully detailed Tree of Life design serves as a reminder of interconnectedness and the cyclical dance of life, death, and rebirth. Its branches and roots interweave, symbolizing unity, growth, and ancestry.

Beyond its symbolism, the ring boasts of impeccable craftsmanship, ensuring it remains a statement piece in your collection for ages. If you're seeking a piece that combines profound meaning with unparalleled artistry, the Tree Of Life Carnelian Ring awaits.

➤ Item Details

• Material: 925K Sterling Silver
• Weight: 11-13 grams
• Ring Diameter: 1.92 Cm ( 0.75 in)

• Gemstone Type : Carnelian
• Gemstone Size : 0.71 x 0.51 Inc ( 1.80cm x 1.30cm)
• Carnelian Carat : 11.7 Carat

handmade sterling silver Tree Of Life Carnelian Gemstone Ring
Tree Of Life Carnelian Ring
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