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Wolf Necklace

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 Channel the majestic aura of the wilderness with our Sterling Silver Wolf Necklace, a masterful embodiment of artistry and symbolism. Each pendant, thoughtfully handcrafted, encapsulates the essence of a wolf with a detailed representation of its head and tooth, all set within a meticulously designed pentagon frame.

Using premium sterling silver, this necklace not only captures the beauty of the wolf but also resonates with its symbolism - courage, freedom, and loyalty. Beyond its eye-catching design, it stands as a beacon of the wolf's rich legacy in folklore and individual narratives.

Perfect as a gift, the Wolf Necklace speaks to those who find kinship with nature's untamed spirit or are captivated by standout jewelry pieces. This isn't merely jewelry; it's a narrative in silver, designed to elevate attire and spark intrigue. Wear the wild, wear the legacy, with our Sterling Silver Wolf Necklace.

 Item Details

• Material: 925K Sterling Silver
• Pendant Diameter: 2.95×3.33 cm
• Pendant Weight :14-15 Grams

Detailed Sterling Silver Wolf Necklace pendant, showcasing a beautifully engraved wolf's head and tooth within a pentagon frame
Wolf Necklace
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