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Libra Zodiac Ring

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The Libra Zodiac Ring is a sterling representation of balance and harmony, a creation by Theswaf that elegantly encapsulates the essence of Libra in oxidized sterling silver. This ring is a testament to the fair-mindedness and charm of those born under the sign of the scales, showcasing a detailed carving of the iconic Libra scales in perfect equilibrium.

The central motif of the scales, suspended in symmetry, is a celebration of Libra's dedication to justice, beauty, and partnership. The darkened patina of the oxidized silver throws the scales into sharp relief, emphasizing the clarity and luminosity of the balanced design, much like the Libra's pursuit of truth and fairness.

Surrounding the scales, a delicate array of stars and symbols are etched into the ring, connecting the piece to the wider cosmos and reflecting the sociable and diplomatic nature of Libras. The intricate detailing pays homage to the zodiac's artistic and aesthetic sensibilities, making it an accessory that is both meaningful and stylish.

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• Material: 925K Sterling Silver

• Weight: 7-8 grams

Libra Zodiac Ring
Libra Zodiac Ring
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