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Libra Zodiac Necklace V2

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Theswaf's Libra Zodiac Necklace, sculpted in oxidized sterling silver, elegantly embodies the scales of balance, the iconic symbol of Libra. At the pendant's center, a figure stands, wings outstretched, an embodiment of the equilibrium and fairness that define those born under this air sign.

The figure, poised between the balanced scales, represents Libra's constant search for symmetry and justice, while the celestial motifs around the border signify their connection to the sky, thought, and intellect. The artisanship of the necklace highlights the Libra’s natural inclination towards diplomacy and their innate desire for harmony in their surroundings.

For those who resonate with the essence of Libra, the necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but a reflection of their core principles. It is for those who value peace and who approach life with a measured and thoughtful perspective.

Adorning oneself with Theswaf's "Libra Zodiac Necklace" is to make a statement of one's dedication to balance, beauty, and a harmonious life.

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* Material: 925K Sterling Silver

* Weight: 7,5 grams

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Libra Zodiac Necklace V2
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