Jesus Chris Glided Cross necklace
Jesus Criss Glided Cross Necklace
Jesus Criss Glided Cross Necklace

Jesus Criss Glided Cross Necklace

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Jesus Christ Gilded Cross Necklace, a remarkable piece of spiritual jewelry crafted from high-quality sterling silver. This pendant features a beautifully detailed cross adorned with depictions of Jesus Christ and other significant religious figures. The intricate engravings highlight the devotion and craftsmanship involved in creating this meaningful piece.

The cross, a timeless symbol of faith and salvation, is enhanced with detailed artistry that brings out the spiritual significance of the design. This necklace serves as a powerful reminder of faith, protection, and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

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* Material: 925K Sterling Silver

* Weight: 12-13 grams

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➤ We send you a special wiping cloth for the blackening problem of 925 sterling silver.

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