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Fish Zodiac Necklace V2

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Theswaf's Fish Zodiac Necklace, crafted in the lustrous depths of oxidized sterling silver, is a tribute to the imaginative and empathetic Pisces. The pendant displays two fish swimming in a circle, emblematic of the dual nature of Pisces, forever navigating the flow of psychic depths and the real world.

Enclosed within a ring of stars, the fish are a testament to Pisces' affinity with the celestial and the subconscious, their ability to slip seamlessly into dreams and creativity. The intricate details of the scales and fins on each fish reflect the sign's nuanced and artistic spirit.

This piece is a celebration of those who resonate with the Piscean traits of intuition, artistic talent, and compassion. It’s a necklace for the dreamers, the healers, and the poets who enrich our world with their depth and sensitivity.

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* Material: 925K Sterling Silver

* Weight: 8 grams

fish zodiac necklace v2
Fish Zodiac Necklace V2
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