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Crab Zodiac Necklace

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Theswaf's "Crab Zodiac Necklace," intricately wrought in oxidized sterling silver, is a homage to the intuitive and emotional depth of Cancer. Central to the pendant is the figure of the crab, captured with precision and artistry, symbolizing the sign’s protective nature and inner sensitivity.

The shell of the crab, detailed with texture, mirrors the resilience and sheltering spirit of those born under Cancer, while the surrounding water elements reflect their fluid and nurturing traits. This piece is framed by a border of ornamental work that complements the Cancerian’s appreciation for the comfort and beauty of home.

For those who embody the caring essence of Cancer, this necklace is a proud emblem of their empathetic and loyal nature. It is a reflection of their capacity to feel deeply and their instinct to guard those they love.

Wearing Theswaf's "Crab Zodiac Necklace" is an acknowledgment of the strength found in gentleness, a tribute to the enduring spirit of Cancer.

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* Material: 925K Sterling Silver

* Weight: 12,08 grams

crab zodiac necklace
Crab Zodiac Necklace
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