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Cancer Zodiac Ring

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Delve into the depths of the celestial seas with the Cancer Zodiac Ring, a finely wrought treasure from the skilled artisans at Theswaf. This oxidized sterling silver ring is a loving homage to the intuitive and nurturing essence of Cancer, the zodiac sign ruled by the moon and represented by the enduring crab.

At the heart of the ring sits a meticulously carved crab, its claws poised and its shell detailed with the artistry that mimics the moon's own craters. The oxidized background serves to throw the figure into relief, highlighting the creature's resilient form and the protective aura that Cancer is known for.

The ring's band wraps comfortably around the finger, a silver embrace reminiscent of Cancer's empathetic and comforting embrace. The border is a tapestry of celestial patterns, a nod to the stars that watch over this water sign, etched with care to ensure every star shines bright.

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• Material: 925K Sterling Silver

• Weight: 7-8 grams

Cancer Zodiac Ring
Cancer Zodiac Ring
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